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Thesis – Structure with Writing Guide



What is Thesis (dissertation)?

Thesis is a long essay or dissertation written on a particular subject, especially as part of a university degree. It is usually written by a student in their final year of study, and submitted to the university. A thesis can be based on research, original thinking, or both. It is usually required for graduation from a master’s or doctoral degree program.

Structure of Thesis

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology Chapter
  • Findings chapter
  • Analysis and discussion chapter
  • Conclusion

There are several components to a successful Thesis.

The first component is the Introduction. This section contains the research topic, Research Questions, Scope and significance.

The second component is the literature review. This is where the student reviews existing literature on their topic in order to contextualize their own work.

The third component is the methodology. This is where the student outlines how they will conduct their research and what methods they will use.

The fourth component is data analysis and interpretation. This is where the student analyzes their data and draws conclusions.

The fifth component is the thesis statement. This is where the student provides a brief overview of their work.

The final component is the conclusion. This contains judgment or decision by the Student or Researcher.

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