What is an Idea? – Definition, Types, Example




Idea is a mental concept or image that exists in the mind. It’s a thought, plan, or suggestion. Everyone has ideas, and some people have lots of them. Some people are good at turning their ideas into reality, while others struggle to do so.

Ideas are the foundation of all human achievement. They’re the spark that starts the fire of progress. Without them, we would be stuck in the same place forever. Ideas are what make us better than any other species on Earth. An idea is the first step on the road to success.

Types of Ideas

There are four main types of ideas:

  • Original Ideas
  • Adapted Ideas
  • Combined Ideas
  • Borrowed Ideas

Original Ideas

Original ideas are those that come completely from the mind of the creator. They are unique and have never been seen before.

Adapted Ideas

Adapted ideas are based on something that already exists, but the creator has changed or added to it in some way.

Combined Ideas

Combined ideas take two or more existing ideas and combine them into something new.

Borrowed Ideas

Borrowed ideas are those that the creator has taken from another source with little or no change.

Example of Idea

An example of an idea is when somebody has a thought or plan about something. For instance, somebody might have the idea to start a new business.

Another example of an idea is when somebody comes up with a new product.

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