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Research Approach

Research Approach

What is Research Approach?

A Research Approach is a framework for conducting a study. It includes a set of assumptions, beliefs, and values that guide the researcher in planning and conducting the study. Research approaches are the methods used to collect data for research. Each type of research approach has its own strengths and weaknesses. The choice of research approach depends on the nature of the research question.

Types of Research Approach

There are three main types of research approaches:

Deductive Approach

The Deductive Approach is a logical process for arriving at a conclusion based on given premises. This type of reasoning starts with general rules or truths and applies them to specific cases to arrive at a logical conclusion. The deductive approach is used in many different fields, including mathematics, science, and law.

Inductive Approach

The inductive approach is a scientific method of observation and experimentation that aims to construct theories from empirical evidence. The key features of the inductive approach are its emphasis on empirical evidence, its reliance on the scientific method, and its focus on constructing theories.

Abductive Approach

The Abductive Approach is a research method used to generate new hypotheses by considering observations and current knowledge. This approach is often used in scientific research, as it can help lead to new discoveries.

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