Data Types

Research Data – Types and Examples

Research Data


Data is the information that you collect to answer your Research Question. It can be in the form of numbers, words, or images. Data is everything that is used to support a claim or findings. It can be collected through surveys, interviews, observations, or experiments.

When you collect data, it is important to organize and label it so that you can easily find and use it later. You should also keep track of where you got your data and how you collected it. This will help you when you need to go back and check your work or share your data with others.

Methods of Data Research

Research Data is broadly classified into two categories:

  • Primary Data
  • Secondary Data

Primary Data is collected by researchers themselves through surveys, interviews, and observations.

Secondary Data is already collected and published by other sources, such as government agencies or commercial businesses.

Types of Data in Research

Types of Data is divided into two parts:

  • Qualitative Data
  • Quantitative Data

Qualitative Data includes data that can be observed and described but not necessarily measured. It is often used to generate hypotheses or to explore new ideas.

Quantitative Data includes data that can be measured and analyzed numerically. It is often used to test hypotheses or to compare different groups.

Examples of Research Data

  • Contents of an application
  • Models
  • Algorithms
  • Scripts
  • Slides
  • Artifacts
  • Specimens
  • samples
  • Documents (text, Word)
  • Spreadsheets
  • Methodologies
  • workflows
  • Standard operating procedures and protocols
  • Audiotapes
  • videotapes
  • Laboratory notebooks
  • Field notebooks
  • Diaries
  • Database contents (video, audio, text, images)
  • Protein or genetic sequences
  • Test responses
  • Spectra
  • Questionnaires
  • Transcripts
  • Codebooks
  • Collection of digital objects acquired and generated during the process of research
  • Photographs
  • Films

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