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A sociologist is someone who studies society and the relationships between people within it. They look at how these relationships are shaped by things like race, gender, age, and class. Sociologists also study how social change happens.

Types of Sociologist

There are three main types of sociologists:

  • Micro-Sociologists
  • Macro-Sociologists
  • Critical Sociologists


Micro-sociologists study small groups of people and their interactions. They might study a group of friends, a family, or coworkers.


Macro-sociologists look at large-scale social structures and trends. They might study population growth, crime rates, or education levels.

Critical Sociologists

Critical sociologists focus on the ways that power and inequality affect people’s lives. They might study topics like racism, sexism, or poverty.

What Do Sociologists Do

Sociologists study human behavior in order to understand how societies function. They use their findings to make recommendations on how to improve social institutions and policies. For example, a sociologist may study crime rates in order to recommend changes in the criminal justice system.

Sociologists also collect and analyze data. This data can be used to study trends in society or to evaluate programs and policies. For example, data on graduation rates can be used to study the effectiveness of educational programs.

The work of sociologists is important for understanding and improving our world.

What Skills Must a Sociologist Have

A sociologist must have excellent research skills. They must be able to design and conduct research studies that will answer important questions about society and social behavior. They must also be able to analyze data and write reports of their findings.

In addition to research skills, a sociologist must also have strong communication skills. They must be able to clearly explain their findings to others, in both written and verbal form. They must also be able to listen attentively to what others have to say and ask probing questions when necessary.

They must have a strong commitment to social justice. They should be passionate about making the world a better place and working towards equality for all people.

Where Sociologists Work

There are many places that sociologists work. They can work in research, academia, government, and private industry. Each of these places offers different opportunities for sociologists to use their skills.

Research organizations often hire sociologists to help them study social problems.

Academia is another common place for sociologists to work. They may teach at colleges and universities, or conduct research at think tanks.

Government agencies also employ sociologists. They may help develop policy or evaluate programs.

Private companies sometimes hire sociologists to help them understand their customers or employees better. These companies may also hire sociologists to advise them on working with other businesses.

How to Become A Sociologist

In order to become a sociologist, one must first obtain a bachelor’s degree in sociology or a related field. A master’s degree or doctorate in sociology is also required for many research positions and teaching jobs.

Many sociologists also complete internships or fellowships to gain experience in their desired field. After completing their education and training, sociologists can work in a variety of settings, such as government agencies, nonprofit organizations, private businesses, and colleges and universities.

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