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Historian is someone who studies and writes about the past. They are interested in events that have happened and people who have lived in the past. Historians use a variety of sources to learn about the past, including documents, artifacts, and oral interviews.

Types of Historian

Here are some of the most common types of historians:

  • Political Historians
  • Economic Historians
  • Social Historians
  • Cultural Historians
  • Intellectual Historians

Political Historians

Political historians study the history of governments, political parties, and public policy. They often work as professors or researchers at think tanks.

Economic Historians

Economic historians study how economies have changed over time. They look at factors such as inflation, trade, and economic growth. Many economic historians work as consultants or investment bankers.

Social Historians

Social historians study the history of social movements and groups. They often focus on topics such as race relations, gender roles, and religion. Many social historians work as professors or activists.

Cultural Historians

Cultural historians study the arts and popular culture. They often focus on topics such as literature, art, music, and film. Many cultural historians work as professors or critics.

Intellectual Historians

Intellectual historians study the history of thought, ideas, and beliefs. They often focus on topics such as politics, philosophy, science, and religion. Many intellectual historians work as professors or writers.

What Do Historians Do?

Historians use primary and secondary sources to gather information about an event or person. A primary source is a first-hand account of an event, while a secondary source is something that was written about an event by someone who was not there.

Historians use these sources to try to piece together what happened in the past. They look at things like documents, artifacts, and eyewitness accounts to try to understand what life was like during a certain time period. Historians may also study the way people have interpreted history in the present day.

What Skills Must a Historian Have?

To be a successful historian, one must have certain skills. These skills include:

  • Being able to read and understand primary and secondary sources.
  • Being able to analyze and interpret information.
  • Being able to write clearly and concisely.
  • Being familiar with research methods.
  • A successful historian must be able to think critically and have a strong sense of curiosity.

Where Historians Work

Historians are employed in a variety of settings, including colleges and universities, museums, historical societies, government agencies, archives, and as consultants to businesses and organizations.

How to Become A Historian

In order to become a historian, one must first obtain a degree in history. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement and many employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree or higher.

Once you have obtained your degree, there are several ways to begin your career. You can start by working as a research assistant or an intern while you are completing your graduate studies.

Once you have graduated, you can work as a teaching assistant at a university or college while you are completing your doctoral studies.

Alternatively, you can also work as a museum curator, archivist, or librarian. After you have completed your doctoral studies, you can work as a professor of history at a university or college.

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