How to choose an Appropriate Method for Research?

How to choose an Appropriate Method for Research?

There are a few things to consider when trying to choose the appropriate method for Research.

  • The First is What Type of Data is Needed

Qualitative data is usually best gathered through interviews, focus groups, or participant observation. If Quantitative data is needed, then a survey would be the best method.

  • Another consideration is what the Research Question is

A Quantitative method would be best if it is a question that can be answered through facts and figures. If the question is more exploratory in nature, then a qualitative method would be better suited.

  • The Third Consideration is Time and Resources

Qualitative methods tend to take more time as they are often open-ended in nature. They also require more resources as they often involve travel to conduct interviews or participant observation.

  • The final consideration is the subject matter

If the research question requires a lot of contexts, then a qualitative method would be ideal. If the issue or topic can be put into words, then a quantitative method might do better.

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