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Basic Vs Applied Research

Basic Vs Applied Research

Basic Vs Applied Research

Basic research and applied research are two different types of research methods that serve different purposes.

Basic Research

Basic Research is also known as fundamental research or pure research. This type of research is focused on advancing scientific knowledge without any specific practical application in mind. Basic research is conducted to develop theories and concepts that can be used to explain natural phenomena. The goal of basic research is to expand our understanding of the natural world and to provide a foundation for applied research. Basic research is often conducted in academic settings, and the results are published in academic journals.

Applied Research

Applied Research, also known as practical research, is focused on finding practical solutions to specific problems. Applied research takes the theories and concepts developed through basic research and applies them to real-world situations to solve practical problems. Applied research is often conducted in industry, government, and other organizations to improve products, processes, or policies. The goal of applied research is to develop practical solutions to improve the quality of life, solve societal problems, and address current challenges.

Difference Between Basic and Applied Research

Here are some key differences between basic and applied research:

AspectBasic ResearchApplied Research
PurposeTo advance scientific knowledge without any specific practical application in mindTo find practical solutions to specific problems
Research focusConceptual and theoretical frameworksReal-world problems and applications
ScopeBroad and generalNarrow and specific
Research questionsWhat is the nature of the phenomenon?How can we solve the problem?
Research designExploratory and flexibleStructured and focused
OutcomesNew theories and conceptsPractical solutions to real-world problems

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